Property Inspection Software Features in a Snap: Video Inspections

Taking Pictures by CellphoneHere’s a quick question for you: What’s the point of doing your inspections? Not what you are looking for or what you hope you are going to achieve, but really what is the point?

This is it: To give managers and property owners as much information about the property that you can in a clean, thorough, and unbiased way. They don’t want you to guess at things or give them your opinion as to what you think might be going on with the property. When you are doing a property inspection, you are the eyes of the people who are truly invested in that piece of property. This means that it is extremely important that you are not only thorough with your inspection, but accurate as well.

How Accurate is Accurate?

When you are thinking about thoroughness and accuracy, there are a few things you need to consider. For instance, how can you be thorough and accurate with your inspection if you don’t know exactly what the property owner or manager wants you to inspect for? Some may give you a list, but most are going to just assume you know what you are doing and that you are going to bring them back everything they could ever want to know about the property.

So herein lies the issue. What if you bring back a ton of information – but miss out on some of the specific details the property owner would have liked to know about? This could cause serious problems for the property manager, property owner, and even the next tenant. How do you make sure you are giving them everything they need to know, even if it’s not in the report?

Feature in a Snap: Video Inspection

In the past, the biggest technology boost in property inspection was the digital camera. You could take pictures as you inspected the property and then include them with your report. This is still a valid way of enhancing the information you provide for your clients, but it isn’t the best way. A property inspection app that offers video inspection takes your observations to the next level—beyond even what you observe on your own.

At SnapInspect, we know that details are critical when it comes to creating a report. We also know that it can be easy to miss details when you are doing an inspection on a new property or one that has a lot going on. That’s why our video feature acts as your safety net while also boosting your reputation.

Here are the benefits of using the video feature, in a snap:

  • Impress your clients with a polished, professional, and extensive video report.
  • Increase your thoroughness by recording every aspect of the property rather than just the things you choose to photograph.
  • Reduce the need to return to properties to check things.
  • Keep your clients safe from lawsuits by giving them a clear, accurate, and detailed record of property condition before a client moves in.
  • Back your client up when dealing with problem tenants by documenting damage to the property incurred while they lived there.
  • Stand apart from the competition that doesn’t have video capability.
  • Back yourself up legally by documenting every step of your inspection and showing everything that you saw and did.

Give SnapInspect a call and let us show you why our property inspection software can save you time and make you even better at what you do.

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