Thorough Home Inspection Made Easy With a Property Inspection App

No More Clipboards with a Property Inspection App

Each year, millions of properties all over US are being bought and sold, undergoing processes to organize each transaction. One factor which helps buyers and sellers keep things in order is a good property inspection. This is the stage of a home purchase or sale which determines the structural, mechanical and cosmetic conditions of the home based on its build and age. An efficient property inspection program can save real estate investors a lot of time in assessing a home, as well as the frustration of buying the wrong property.

Go With a Professional

Licensed and certified property inspectors are the ones called to check the safety of a property from the inside out. These professionals vary in experience, ability and diligence, as the website Investopedia reveals. Depending on their skill, property inspectors can furnish a straightforward, detailed report or a vague exploration of the house. The results can form the basis for the investor’s decision whether to purchase the house, and an inaccurate report can put their safety and convenience at risk.

The nature of property inspectors’ work requires them to be keen and resourceful during inspection. Whereas these professionals used to work with bulky tools and computers to take note of their evaluations, new advances, such as a mobile property management inspection app, can be utilized to aid inspectors in their reports.

A Look into the Property Inspection Process

Property inspectors perform meticulous tasks that can also be hazardous to their lives. Having a handy property inspection software app, allows them ease of movement and therefore a keener inspection during the assessment process. Without bulky equipment, these experts can scrupulously review property areas, to provide reports such as the ones detailed by service provider, Structure Tech on their Buyers’ Inspection page.

Home’s Structure. Crawl spaces, basements, attics and the foundation are checked for integrity.

Exterior. A property inspector studies the property’s flashings, trims, sidings, decks, draining, eaves, doors and windows for     cosmetic and protective purposes.

Roofing. Gutters, valleys, chimneys, skylights and other penetrations are visited to discover leaks and clogs.

Plumbing system. Water pipe, drains, heaters, vents, gas pipes and all fixtures must be functioning to ensure safety for the next homeowner’s use.

Electrical. Conductors, grounding, switches, service equipment and outlets are examined to ensure that they are all working properly.

HVAC. Boilers, heaters, pumps, air conditioning units, fans and ducts are checked for their condition.

Property inspection can take hours or even a day to be fully executed and processed. The labor involved in methodically looking through each part of the house is extensive and necessary. However, the results of the report are of benefit to any buyer, which is why property inspection must be performed with care and precision.

The Best Property Inspection Companion

A property inspection software like SnapInspect is a home inspector’s best companion. With just a smartphone or a tablet, one can capture both the negative and positive aspects of a property and put it all together in a clear and concise report. This app makes it easy for a professional inspector to furnish evaluations and communicate with their real estate investors.

Home inspection still requires the same fastidiousness as before, but compiling the report can be made easy, with built-in programs one can use on the go.

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