1-Click Uploads Make Switching to Property Inspection Software a Snap

shutterstock_113708308If you’ve been a reader of this blog for more than a day or so, chances are you’re considering taking the plunge and taking your property inspection process to the digital realm with a property inspection app for your tablet or mobile device. Perhaps one of the reasons you’re hesitant to begin is because you don’t look forward to the hassle involved with switching to a new system to manage your clients and properties. Well, allow us to reassure you: When you move from the old-fashioned method of property inspection to SnapInspect property inspection software, there is no hassle.

Upload All of Your Properties with a Single Click

SnapInspect property inspection software features 1-click uploading and importing of your entire existing property listings. If you have a spreadsheet with your existing properties, you can easily bring all of your records into our system and begin enjoying the benefits of digital property inspection software with the entire suite of SnapInepct features.

While we’re on the subject of things you don’t need to worry about, here’s a quick list of some other items SnapInspect property inspection apps will allow you to forget about.

1. Film, memory cards, and camera batteries. Once you make the leap to digital property management inspection software, you can say goodbye to those pesky memory cards that you can never keep up with, the need to keep batteries in your camera, and – for those of you who are still using film cameras – no more trips to the one-hour photo center. This is because with SnapInspect property inspection software, your mobile device’s camera will feed photos directly into your inspection report automatically, no need to develop, scan, copy, resize, flip, crop, and upload any longer.

2. Writer’s cramp. No more taking notes by hand. Put down the ballpoint and pick up the tablet, because with SnapInspect property inspection software, inspection checklists are as easy as a few swipes of your finger. Our app will lead you through the entire inspection process, meaning less time spent writing and more time inspecting.

3. Late nights. If you’ve ever been up past midnight putting the finishing touches on a property inspection report, you will be glad to hear that SnapInspect property inspection software automatically generates awesome-looking, custom-branded reports for you with a single click. These reports compile all of your inspection results, photos, and even videos into a professional report you can be proud of. Sign off and e-mail the report instantly – and get some sleep already!

4. I don’t know how to use this thing! It’s a more common source of hesitation than you may think. If you’re used to doing things one way, the idea of learning to use a new piece of equipment, and the idea of taking your entire business process into a single piece of software can be a little overwhelming. What if you’re clueless? What if you press a wrong button? Don’t worry. SnapInspect comes complete with the best customer service you’ll get anywhere. Our results speak for themselves: 98% of people who try SnapInspect stick with SnapInspect for all of their property inspections, and that’s all thanks to our superior customer service. So stop worrying and start inspecting more efficiently. It’s easy!


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