Property Management Inspection Software: More Than You Think It Is

shutterstock_146643389Digital property inspection apps make property management inspections easier. We don’t have to tell you that… but SnapInspect property inspection software does a lot more than just inspection checklists. Let’s take a look at some of the other ways that SnapInspect will change the way you inspect.

Inspect Any Time, Any Place, Any Industry

Sometimes the life of a property management inspector is a varied and interesting one. You’re trained to inspect residential homes and apartments, but the reality of the property management inspection business sometimes offers unique and varied challenges to even the most seasoned inspector. How are commercial property inspections different from residential? Does your vacation property management inspection gig have you traveling a lot? How about international inspections? Surely a property management inspection app couldn’t help in all of these different situations, right?


SnapInspect property inspection software includes support for any kind of property inspection, in any industry, in any county, state, or country.

Stop Scribbling, Start Speaking

We hear this one all the time: “I would rather handwrite my inspection paperwork than have to fiddle with that tiny keyboard!” If you’re allergic to the texting keyboard and would rather cut your thumbs off than use them to peck out inspection notes, then worry no longer. SnapInspect property inspection software allows for AutoText Comments and even Voice Dictation!

Most inspections are pretty routine, and you probably find yourself using some notes over and over again. With SnapInspect’s AutoText comment system, you can program your most-used sentences into one-click or one-tap commands. Save your thumbs for the thumbs-up you’ll give us when you’re finished.

Do you feel you express yourself best when you’re speaking? SnapInspect property inspection software allows you to use voice dictation to speak your notes. This awesome feature hears what you say and turns it into text automatically. Your thumbs will never be happier.

Built-In Disaster Insurance

Answer us this: If something were to happen to your office, how many of your records would survive? SnapInspect property inspection software stores all of your data in cloud storage, which means it’s handy for you, because you can access your data from any device, in any location, without ever needing to worry about transferring your files, but it also gives you an extra layer of security.

If a sudden flood saturates your trusty brief case, or a colony of mutant paper-eating ants decides to camp out in your filing cabinet, it’s no worries for you; your data is in the cloud! Your electronic devices are safe, too. Get a nasty virus from that flashing web ad that promised you were a winner this time? Your records are safe. Accidentally back over your cell phone with your truck? Your inspections survive. Toddler decide to use your tablet as a Frisbee? There’s no need to panic – your data is safely stored in SnapInspect property inspection software’s cloud storage, and it will still be there when you get a new device, just as you left it.


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