The Most Common Property Inspection Mistakes

leaky roofAs a property management inspector, you know you have to be thorough. A skipped check or rushed inspection can miss potentially serious problems, and your clients need to know exactly how their properties are holding up. If this isn’t your first visit to our site, then you know by now that switching to property inspection software can help you find more time to perform more detailed, more frequent inspections, and that means better results for everyone. Once you make the leap to property inspection software, here are a few of the most commonly overlooked items that property inspectors miss. Next time you take your mobile device with SnapInspect property inspection software to a property, you’ll have time to double-check these frequently overlooked items.

A Leaky Roof

The number one item that gives property inspectors the slip is a leaky roof. Shingles that are torn or missing and popped nails may be indicators of a leak, but there isn’t always time to thoroughly investigate. Your digital property inspection software will alert you to warning signs like this that you spotted on previous visits, enabling you to more quickly spot this problem before it becomes serious.

Flaky Appliances

Part of every good property inspection should be turning on and inspecting appliances to ensure they work with no problems. However, as we all know, appliances have the nasty habit of working fine one day and spewing smoke the next – only to return to normal operation when the repairman arrives. Our property inspection software will allow you to remind yourself using Next Inspection Alerts that a particular appliance needs a more thorough inspection this time.


As a property inspector, you’ve probably been in this situation before: You’re inspecting a home in mid-December, it’s 8 degrees outside, and you have to test the air conditioning. This important test, or its opposite, testing the heat on a blisteringly hot summer day, is one that many inspectors are tempted to skip. Resist this urge, and note all your findings in your property inspection software so you can easily review your findings later.

Progressive Damage

Any property inspector with a modicum of experience knows to note something like a cracked window. However – when asked “How long has that window been broken?” would you be able to answer easily, without diving into your trusty filing cabinet? With SnapInspect property inspection software, the answers are at your fingertips – so if the crack in that window is larger than it was the last time you inspected, you’ll know, and you’ll be able to advise your client to replace that glass this time.

These are just a few of the items that could be overlooked using traditional inspection methods – all items that property inspection software from SnapInspect will allow you to pay closer attention to with our instantly generated reports, cloud data storage, Next Inspection Alerts, and easy management of additional materials such as photo and video. If you’re not inspecting with SnapInspect, you could be missing some of the picture.

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