Property Inspectors, Focus on Keeping Cool This Summer

shutterstock_3166259If you’re a property inspector or property manager in Oklahoma City or Tulsa, OK; Phoenix or Tuscon, AZ; or Riverside, CA, you’re going to want to pay special attention to the temperature inside your properties this summer. Why? Well, according to a recent infographic by the Apartment Guide, these cities top the list of the best cities to cool off from record highs this summer. These swelteringly hot cities may have soaring temperatures, but they rank highest in air conditioning units, ceiling fan use, and community pools on properties – in other words, they were chosen as the best places to escape the heat during the oncoming dog days of summer.

Next time you make the rounds for your inspection, take a look at the vents, window air conditioners, ceiling fans, and make sure to check the weather stripping on doors and windows, too. If your property isn’t keeping your residents cool enough, they’ll be able to find another spot to chill – and they’ll vote with their checkbook.

Keep a Cooler Checklist with Property Inspection Software

While you’re checking out your ability to keep your properties nice and chilly while it’s sweltering outside, if you’re sweating over a clipboard and camera, it’s time to drop the lot and pick up your tablet. Mobile property inspection software can help you keep better track of which units need a new ceiling fan without spending so much time inside the property that you roast. It’s so simple a rank amateur could even perform inspections for you while you wait in your comfortable, air-conditioned car.

More Ways Using a Property Inspection App Keeps You Out of the Heat

Instant Reports. Hey, those properties aren’t the only place that needs great air conditioning! If your office or home office leaves you feeling like the Thanksgiving turkey (and it’s only August), then stop cooking yourself and start cooking up beautiful reports with a swish of your finger and a click of your mouse. SnapInspect property inspection software automatically collects all of your property inspection checklist data, photos, notes, and even video and compiles it all into a robust, attractive, custom-branded report that you can instantly send to your clients. That means you’ll not only spend less time in the field – you’ll also spend less time at your desk, too, and that means more time to lounge poolside with a cold one.

Next Inspection Alerts. Heat saps your brain, and that’s not a secret. That iffy weather stripping you saw in one property needs to be replaced the next time you visit, but if you’re too blinded by the sun to keep up with all of your handwritten notes, it may not happen. With SnapInspect’s built-in Next Inspection Alert feature, you don’t need to rely on your sun-scorched memory anymore. Before the next time you visit that property, our property inspection software will give you a reminder that if you don’t get new weather stripping in that place, you may as well be aiming the air conditioning out the door. The only thing you’ve got to remember is where your mobile device is, and how to make the perfect margarita.

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