3 Ways SnapInspect Takes the “I” out of Property Inspections

Man With Smart PhoneIf you’re a property inspector, we don’t need to tell you what your most precious commodity is. You already know: It’s time. If you’ve been doing inspections the old-fashioned way with pen, paper, and camera, then you’re already well aware of the amount of time it takes to do a single inspection, and you don’t dare take on the task of training someone to do inspections for you, because even if your packed schedule allowed the time it takes to train a new inspector, the old-fashioned process has little room for error, and you have a reputation to think of.

Enter the New World of Property Inspection Apps

Taking your property inspection routine into your iOS or Android device can not only free up your hands during the inspection process, it can also enable you to more easily train and place employees into the field, doing inspections for you and delivering top-quality results. But don’t take our word for it – SnapInspect property inspection software allows you to easily review and approve the work of your team. Let’s take a look at three great features of SnapInspect property inspection software, and how you can use them to take the “I” out of the hassles of property inspections.

Robust Collaboration Tools. SnapInspect property inspection software is built from the ground up with integrated support for collaboration and teams. Using our property inspection app, you can assign inspections to your team members, give other office staff access to inspection reports, share company portfolios and other documents, and more. Have a large team, or a lot of properties? No worries. Plenty of property management companies are using our property inspection app right now for more than 100 users and over 10,000 properties. Our customers, both large and small, rely on their property inspection software every day to make sure that communication within their company is second to none, and SnapInspect delivers.

Simple Checklist Inspections. Need to quickly train and send new property inspectors into the field? Our property inspection takes the guesswork out of the process of inspecting. With the simple-to-use checklist format, integrated camera controls, and user-friendly interface, our app walks even the newest inspectors through the process with step-by-step guidelines. That means less hand-holding from you, meaning more time for you and increased productivity for your company – without loss of quality.

Easily Review, Sign, and Send. Of course, you’ll want to retain access to all inspection reports so you can review them manually, and our collaboration tools allow you to receive finished, beautiful, custom-branded reports right on your tablet, where you can review, sign, and send them along with only a swish of your finger. Reports are sent as a hyperlinked URL, not as an e-mail attachment – saving you bandwidth and minimizing the risk of e-mails to clients bouncing due to large file sizes. Reports and other documents are signed right on your tablet’s screen with a finger, and SnapInspect property inspection software even includes the ability to require multiple signatures.

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