Set Yourself Apart with Video Property Inspections

A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words, but Video Speaks for Itself

shutterstock_103532240As a property inspector, you’ve probably been in a situation where things are just too complicated to express in just a photo or two, and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t explain things as well in paragraph form as you can by simply talking. If you’ve ever wished you could include a video with your property inspection reports, or if you’ve used video and struggled with including it in paper reports, then switching to a digital property inspection app like SnapInspect will turn your wishes into reality.

SnapInspect’s video functionality is absolutely an industry first. Never before have property inspectors been able to integrate video so seamlessly into their reports. Simply shoot a video using your mobile device’s own built-in camera from within your SnapInspect property inspection app, and you will be able to include that video with your own custom-branded electronic property inspection report.

Why Video

Some property inspectors may raise an eyebrow at video and wonder just why video functionality will help their business so much. Well, let’s take a moment to explain some of the ways SnapInspect’s video functionality can help you.

1. It’s all about the details. Property management is all about details, and nothing captures details better than video. You can literally show your clients a problem from every angle, at different zoom levels, and under optimal lighting conditions. In your video content, you can clearly illustrate exactly where the problems lie, point out appropriate details, and explain in your own words just why this is so important. Using video will make it easier for you to explain yourself and clearly illustrate a problem that may look worse than it actually is, or vice-versa. In video, details that may get missed in photos can be seen.

2. Compelling evidence. Most property inspectors will sooner or later find themselves in a position to defend their findings, and sometimes photos can be subject to viewer interpretation. By using video content in your property inspections, you are effectively arming yourself with the most thorough evidence should your findings be challenged by anyone.

3. Impress clients and prospects. SnapInspect’s video functionality is the first in the industry. Though many have tried to include video in their property inspection software in the past, we’re proud to be the first to achieve this level of integration. Just imagine your client’s reaction when he or she sees your property inspection report with full motion video and audio included ā€“ he or she will never go back to an inspector who only uses photos again!

We hope this brief glimpse at SnapInspect’s video functionality will help you to see that it adds yet another layer of value to our already fantastic property inspection software. If you’re still doing property inspections the old-fashioned way, put down the clipboard (and the camcorder) and let SnapInspect bring your inspections into the 21st Century. It’ll set you apart from your competition, make your inspections more efficient, and absolutely wow your clients.

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