How to Be More Productive between Property Management Inspections

Hands with a  smart phoneWhen you’re a property inspector for a property management company, sometimes the actual inspection process is the easiest part of your day. This is what you’ve trained for, and whether you’re doing things the old-fashioned way or you’ve dropped your clipboard for your iPad and have made the leap to digital property inspection software, you breeze through property inspections like a proverbial hot knife through butter.

After the inspection, however, it’s time for the difficult part. If you’re still doing inspections manually, this is when the paperwork truly starts. Finalizing your reports, and getting them compiled and printed is the first step. The second is making sure to make it to your next appointment on time, all the while managing your schedule for the remainder of the week. If you’ve been doing property management inspections for long, you know that property managers can sometimes throw a wrench into your gears by rearranging your schedule on a moment’s notice, and that can throw your entire day into disarray.

Property management inspection apps like SnapInspect make property inspections a breeze – we’ve already covered all of that. From the easy-to-use checklist interface to seamlessly integrated photos using your mobile device’s built-in camera, property inspection software can allow even the most novice property inspector to effectively complete an inspection from start to finish. But what does your property inspection software do for you when the inspection is over? Well, let’s take a look.

Beautiful, instantly generated reports. Because all of your data is entered into your property inspection software during the inspection visit yourself, all that the software has to do is arrange the data in an attractive way, and voila! Your report is finished in a single click. Photos will be automatically imported, your findings will be accurately tallied as you reported them, and you will have the ability to prepare and print a final report literally minutes after the inspection itself is finished. This will enable you to present your report to your client immediately and address any questions that he or she may have while you’re there at the inspection site. This represents a great leap forward from the way property inspection used to work, and it’s going to save you a ton of time at your desk at home – and enable you to spend more time on actual inspections.

Built-in scheduler and Next Inspection Alerts. Unlike that ledger you were using before, SnapInspect’s built-in scheduler will make keeping up with your to-do list a breeze – even if you’re dealing with a client who likes to change your schedule on a whim. Plus, with next inspection alerts, when you schedule a follow-up inspection, our digital property inspection software allows you to alert yourself to any items that you need to follow up on in particular. That water heater that had some dangerous signs of failure or the termite-addled wood that you hoped was simply old damage? With Next Inspection Alerts, you won’t forget to double check those items the next time you’re at the property. You have enough to remember. Let SnapInspect property inspection software shoulder some of the burden for you.

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