2018 Multifamily Moving Guide for your Tenants

Multifamily Moving Guide

Moving sucks. There’s really no way around that. Moving is one of the most significant pain points for new tenants and property managers within the multifamily housing industry. Empower your tenants by Providing them with SnapInspect’s ultimate multifamily moving guide. Providing your tenants with a positive move in experience has been proven to increase tenant retention by up to 80%.

SnapInspect has created a 2018 multifamily moving guide to help our readers guide their tenants smoothly through the move in our out phase.

Before Moving Day

Book a moving company the second you know the moving date. The sooner you book, the cheaper it will be with no added late booking fees, etc. If you don’t have the budget to hire a moving company, you can always look at hiring a rental truck and trailer.

Call your insurance company and cover your belongings while in transit for the planned move.

Compile a list of all your belongings and plan which ones you can box before move day.

Make three piles: Sell, Donate and toss. It’s self-explanatory, moving gives you the perfect time to downsize and cut out all the unnecessary things you may be holding on to.

Be strategic in which items you box up together, especially if you are covering the move yourself. Certain items mixed could cause damage to each other

Label each boxes contents and which area of the house it will be in. E.g., Kitchen cutlery, garage carwash tools. This will save you hours during the unpack phase.

If you are using a moving company, make sure you label all fragile boxes extensively.

Update your details. Let the bank, your solicitor, your children’s school, workplace, doctor, etc. Anyone that has a record of your current address needs to be updated. From gym memberships to your dentist you need to tell everyone.

Hire a professional cleaner to give your old space a spruce up just before moving out if you don’t have the budget for a cleaner you can always do it yourself. Simply wait until all your belongings have been boxed and get busy!
Organize a final gas, power and water reading.

Contact your telephone and internet providers and give them your new address to set up at your next home.

Cancel cable TV, magazine delivery or any other subscription service you have signed up for.

On Moving day

Compile an inventory of all your belongings. If you are using a moving company chance’s are they will have one too, make sure your lists match on the move-out and move-in day.

Pets? Make sure you have organized someone to look after them will you are moving. This will help lower your furry friend’s stress level involved with the move.

At your old property turn off the lights, hot water supply, gas, electricity switchboard and lock all doors and windows.

Clean your new place thoroughly. Take the time to sweep every inch of your new home before you start storing your personal items away.

Unpack the essentials first. Naturally, everyone has those few items that they can’t live without. Unpack those items first to help you ease into your new place.

Check your smoke alarms. Make sure there are enough alarms in your home to adhere to your insurance policy.

Things to ask your property manager on the move in day

Where is the fuse box?
Where is the gas and electricity meters?
What are they rubbish and recycling collection days?
Best contact number for maintenance repairs?
Is there a building or homeowner association we are now a part of?

Make an effort to get to know your property manager and build a relationship. Having a good relationship with your property manager will only make your time in your new place easier. As you can see from our guide, the more preparation you do, the smoother your move-in day will be.

The key is finding out your move in and out dates as soon as possible, from there you can coordinate the move with different friends, family, and vendors.

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