The Best sources for Rental Agreement Templates

 Rental Agreement Templates

A rental agreement is a legally binding document which gives the tenant the right to live in the rental property and the landlord the right to receive rent as payment. Being a legally binding document, its crucial that you as the property manager is issuing up to date and legally correct rental agreements.
What should rental agreement templates cover?

Rental agreements cover things agreed upon between the property manager and tenants. When you are considering which template to use for your practices be sure to consider the following:

Full names of all parties involved
Address of the property
Date the tenancy starts and ends
Bond price
Rent amount
How rent will be paid to the landlord
Rules and regulations that come with the property, e.g., no pets
Frequency of payment
What the property is coming with, e.g., furniture or appliances

With there being so many online sources offering rental agreement templates, we have rounded up the top three to help you with your search.

State Specific Rental Agreement Templates With Rent Lease

Rental lease provides both residential and commercial rental agreement templates. Rental lease also offers state-specific forms. This is particularly useful for our united states customers, as all states require the property manager to adhere to their state-specific laws.

Failing to do so can result in you coming up short in the rental court. When handling disputes, the first thing the judge will ask to see is the rental agreement.
If your agreement doesn’t fit in with state laws, use correct language and overall is sloppy it gives her a much bigger reason to side with the tenant.

Think of a rental agreement as a shield that protects you from financial harm. You must anticipate all the typical ways tenants can try to extract money from you.

Customize with EZ landlord forms

Ez landlord forms are highly regarded within the property management community. Much like SnapInspect’s customizable features, Ez landlord allows you to generate customized, state-specific lease agreements within minutes. This is great to combat all those one-size-fits-all rental agreement templates that don’t accurately represent your services or company.

Ez landlord forms also offer additional rental documents. This is particularly useful for our on the go property managers. In most states, a simple rental agreement form isn’t enough to meet all legal requirements. Simply add the relevant forms needed for your rental agreement template when customizing.

Rental Agreement Templates on the go with Pandadoc

Pandadoc provides rental agreement templates for the busy property manager, who doesn’t have time to attend to contracts individually. Pandadoc recognizes that the real estate industry is becoming mobile.

Because of this, they can offer report template customization that is available to you via mobile. Each contract is up to the legal standard and can be customized to include photos, videos and other media you wish to add.
They also offer a feature which enables you to see when tenants open each agreement. This feature is all done through Pandadoc’s opener and viewer tracker.

There are thousands of online rental agreement templates available to download. There are also equal amounts of terrible templates that, if used in court could result in you losing your case. It pays to take no shortcuts when searching for rental agreement templates for your company. Remember, if used these agreements act as a shield between you and your tenants.

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