8 Creative Ways To Motivate Your Property Management Staff

Motivate Your Property Management Staff

It’s no secret that as a Business owner and leader, one of the most important tasks you will be faced with is motivating employees. Motivating staff who have different backgrounds, identities, skills, and struggles is a remarkable challenge.

Thankfully, there are already a few successfully proven methods that motivate staff. Keep reading below to find out the creative ways business owners are motivating their team in 2018!

Of course, the first way you can look to motivate your property management staff is through monetary gain.

Good pay

A competitive pay rate is a perfect starting point for keeping staff happy, motivated and driven.

Routine Pay Reviews

Allocating pay rises is a powerful way of motivating staff. They don’t have to be crazy amounts of money for them to work either. Lower retention and increase staff morale by offering a pay rise to the hardest working employees.

The unexpected bonus

Creating a bonus scheme with KPI’s and deadlines to meet is excellent, but have you ever considered giving your team an unexpected bonus? Show staff you value their everyday input and reward them accordingly. Staff will appreciate this a lot more than you rolling out a bonus scheme set with unrealistic KPI’s.

Give awards!

An award that they can take home and show friends and family where all their hard efforts go can make a significant impact on employees. It can be as simple as a certificate for hard work or a good attitude.


Find a way to make staff feel proud of the properties that they manage. SnapInspect suggests starting a “Property of the month” Which can be awarded to a property manager that has gone above and beyond on one of their properties.

One on one meetings

Meeting in person one on one with your staff throughout the week is a great way to boost motivation. Start by focusing on all the favorable areas of the employee’s work. Positive reinforcement lets employees know they are doing the right things and are on the correct path. It also gives you a chance to get to interact with staff on a more personal level and bring up any areas of concern.

Tip: During one on one meetings offer staff flexible goals. Allow them to come up with goals, deadlines and time requirements. This will grant them the freedom to complete tasks on their watch which is a lot more effective than forcing staff to achieve deadlines that you set.

Social Events

Organize monthly parties, team social outings, Friday afternoon drinks and other events to allow you team some recreational fun.

Tip: Encourage staff to bring along partners, wives, and husbands. This makes it easier to coordinate for most people as it’s typical for significant others not to be granted attendance.

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