DIY: 5 Easy Hacks to Increase the Value of Your Rental Property

DIY work is hard, unrewarding and better left to the experts, right? Wrong. These days armed with google and a few basic tools, you can take home improvement projects to a new level that will increase the value of your property all while cutting out labour costs. No matter what you’re aiming for, home improvement is a guaranteed way to invest back into your rental property when executed correctly.

Luxurious Bathroom DIY

Freshen up your bathroom
The bathroom is an essential part of a home and can often be the selling point for new tenants or buyers as it leaves a lasting impression no matter what it looks like. High-end bathroom renovations can cost upwards of $15,000 and usually only just pay for themselves in the final sale. However, you can take a dated bathroom and give it a new lease on life without going through a complete rebuild process. Promondo co-owner, Joe Monda says that there is a steady increase of people spending money to upgrade their bathrooms before listing them, this is because they want to maximise the potential house value. If you are not able to remodel your entire bathroom, there are a few simple, straightforward solutions that can breathe new life into your bathroom. Focus on the little details; towel bars, vanities, new tiles or spruce up your old ones with a grout paint pen.

Kitchen Lights DIY renovation

According to Forbes upgrading your lighting is a simple and effective way to make a room feel bigger than it is, and when you are selling or trying to land tenants, you want every space to look as big as possible. We recommend replacing old flush-mount ceiling lights with pendant lighting. There are now numerous readily available LED lighting options that are easy to install. You will be amazed at how a simple upgrade can change and lift the mood of the entire room.

DIY painting renovation bedroom feature wall

Fresh Paint
Much like lighting, a fresh coat of paint can make a room feel brighter and more significant. We recommend sticking with neutral discrete shades, light greys, blues, and whites. Painting can cost a lot, especially if you are planning on doing your whole house. If budget is an issue, we recommend starting with the areas that you see when you first walk in and then branching out from there. Working on a modest budget, there is no greater improvement than fresh paint, and the impact it has on transforming a room in a matter of coats.

Luxury Landscape

A healthy garden can tie your whole house together. It’s no secret that your curb appeal is the first thing someone judges your home on when entering; you want people to be excited to walk through the door. Continuing the theme of “DIY on a budget” there are many low-cost upgrades you can do that instantly transform your garden from boring to beautiful.
Fairy lights are an incredibly cheap and easy way to bring a modern element to your garden instantly. Hang them off trees, through your patio or wherever you see fit! Additionally, create custom plant boxes. Whether it’s an above ground vegetable garden made out of reclaimed pallet wood or a hand-painted pot plant, changing how you display your plants and flowers is a guaranteed way to improve your garden all while inserting some of your characters into your garden.

Mercedes-Benz Garage DIY renovations epoxy floor

Install Epoxy Floors in Your Garage
Your garage can be so much more than a place to store all the garden tools you haven’t used in the last four summers. According to family-handyman, you can transform your garage into a home gym, studio, storage space, makeshift bedroom or simply give it a new look in one long weekend. Epoxy is a great way to customise your garage and add to your area. Epoxy flooring is long-lasting, durable and highly resistant to marks and scuffs which is ideal if you are just refreshing your garage. The best part: Install is easy. All that’s required is epoxy paint, brushes & a roller extension. Did somebody say long weekend project? You can finish the job in a day, and your garage floor will look great despite constant wear, tear and vehicle traffic.


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