8 Landlords Tell SnapInspect Their Worst Tenants Story


Online, Landlord’s have been spilling the tea about their worst tenants stories; From hiding dead fish in walls to refusing to leave or pay rent.

Virtually every landlord has a tale to share, a disgusting, soul-destroying or unavoidable story that cost them time and money added with a whole lot of stress to their job.

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a landlord, read these eight landlord horror stories that may make you second guess yourself.

1.  Concrete down the drain

I had a tenant pour concrete down the drains. There was no repair possible. It was literally more cost-effective to demolish, salvage what we could and rebuild. It even got into the septic system, and we had to settle with the city for damaging their infrastructure. Biggest nightmare ever. We sued the former tenants, but when you’re suing a scumbag, best case scenario, you might get a 1990 Toyota Tercel.

Tenants are pretty decent as a whole, but if you have to evict, it’s worth it to offer them a couple of hundred dollars cash to move out while you’re there and can watch the whole process.

Therrel, 38

2. How am I supposed to wash the dishes? With a hose?

Dude came in with his family. The decided to overload the dishwasher till it broke. We had a guy come into check it, and he deduced that he needs to replace a part that they broke.

The part was only available online, so he told them to wait and not use the dishwasher. He gets a call later that night, and the kitchen is flooded (the floors were hardwood) and he asks the wife why she used the dishwasher, to which she replied, “How am I supposed to wash the dishes? With a hose?” There was a deep sink two feet away from the dishwasher.

Clyde, 29

3. A Family Affair

My dad was a landlord who allowed his mother (who he wasn’t very close with, had a lot of husbands and abandoned him) to rent because she had nowhere to go. She had an excellent way for words, and she managed to convince my father to let her own 2 of the houses in the apartment.

Four years later, she filed a case claiming ownership of the entire apartment. She won the case because my dad’s father (deceased) who owned the apartment was still legally married to her. A few months later our father managed to claim the apartment back because apparently, his mother was legally dead (which was twisted, she filed her name in as officially dead so that she could receive the death pension). Since she’s dead, ownership was given back to my father.

TL;DR Father let his distant mother in as a tenant. Grandmother managed to claim a few houses in the apartment and then legally claimed the entire apartment as her own. Father claimed it back because grandmother apparently is dead (according to the papers).

Ashihara, 48

4. Don’t forget your KFC!

I own a few properties in Sydney. Tenants stopped paying rent almost right away (3 months). I had the locks changed on them. Went to the property two weeks later to find the places an absolute mess.

Mess on most of the walls. Holes in all the walls. A whole toilet was missing. Hot water system had a dead cat in it. Kitchen covered in dirty plates from the three months. Old KFC in the fridge. The carpet was completely munted. Cigarette butts everywhere

$16,000 later my investment property is back on track. I never did manage to recover my stove or toilet from the old tenants, but the insurance covered most of it

Baldwin, 30 

5. Mexican Cartel Police Bust

I’ve had part of the Mexican drug cartel living in a unit. The feds showed up one day and busted down the door. Apparently, they had been watching these guys for months.

I had a squatter lock himself in a unit and did all sorts of drugs. Had to have the cops come and forcibly remove him. (I could hear the crack of their nightstick hitting him from the parking lot.)

I had a white supremacist threaten to stab me because I was walking around at noon. (I lived above him.) We kicked him out, and he moved in with his mom who lived in another unit. They sold pills from the apartment and pulled a gun on another tenant for knocking on their door.

Carrie, 52

6. Garbage Disposal Gone Wrong

A new tenant who had just moved in complained that her garbage disposal was making a god-awful noise. Using his arm to prop himself against the wall over the sink, the handyman turned on the disposal.

The sound the tenant described was present, but the handyman also felt a strong prickling along his arm; when he looked, he saw a number of small nails sticking out of his arm. Apparently, a disgruntled former tenant had poured some carpet nails into the disposal.

Mike, 22

7.  Fire Department Left Fuming

My family owns a three-family apartment building in New England. We had a tenant who I could talk all day about. But the best story was a cold morning she when out to her car to warm it up before bringing her kid to school.

In this process, she locked herself out of her apartment. So she did what any reasonable tenant would do, call the fire department. They came and broke the lock for her. They were not amused that her middle school-aged son was inside asleep the whole time.

Lexi, 61

8. Strip Club Owner offends Boyfriend

One of our tenants was a stripper, when I did the tenant screening, I naively didn’t recognize the name of the business and her income was good, and her history was great, so I gave her the go ahead.

All was well until a few months later her boyfriend, and the owner of the strip-club was drinking and reportedly smoking methamphetamine for a solid 8 – 12 hours.

Needless to say, a fight eventually started as the strip club owner said something that offended the bf, this then escalated to a fist fight and eventually the strip club owner was run down by a car in the driveway and killed.

From what I heard the bf went to jail, and we gave the lady a month or two to find an alternate place to live.

Daniel, 25

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