Four Reasons A Vacation Rental Beats A Hotel Every time

Not only has modern technology placed thousands of cheap flights within travelers reach, but we also have the opportunity to stay in some of the unique, glamorous and downright weird places in the world through vacation rentals.

In recent times the “Vacation rental vs. hotel room” debate is heating up. Naturally, both carry their unique pros and cons.

At SnapInspect we believe a vacation rental beats a hotel room every single time. Here’s why:

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Locals Only!

When you book a vacation rental, you can find yourself immersed in suburbs, beaches, canals, main street attractions. Typically, Hotels are in central downtown areas where the majority of tourist are. Trust us; the major shopping chains are no different than back home.

With a vacation rental, you are likely to stay in a residential part of town, as opposed to a tourist strip full of hotels.

Booking a vacation rental in the right neighborhood can transform your trip entirely and trigger immense adventure. One day you could go for a walk and stumble on a walkway leading to a private beach, the next you find yourself walking up a discrete path to a romantic lookout, the day after that you could find yourself in a locally owned pizza joint drinking beers with the owners. Booking a vacation rental allows you to experience the destination in a completely different light.

On top of that, vacation rental owners are more than happy to pass off different advice and their favorite local tips. This is if they haven’t already noted it in their booking description. Strike up a conversation when you first check in with your host, ask them the best places to eat, local tips, activities, go-to destinations and anything else they think you should check out for the duration of your stay.

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Increased Privacy

When you book a vacation rental, you ensure that you will have a tranquil, private stay. No more unexpected knocks from cleaners, noisy neighbors sharing a wall or crying children waking you up in the night. With vacation rentals, you have a lot more privacy than a hotel can offer, this translates to a peaceful, relaxing vacation.

Activities like hanging by the pool or having a barbeque, are transformed with vacation rentals. You no longer have to worry about other hotel guests negatively impacting your stay, and can focus more on the group you are traveling with.

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Hotels offer a vast range of amenities, from poolside bars to kids clubs theirs is usually no shortage of entertainment. However, if you are planning on having a romantic dip in the hot tub at a hotel, you need to plan on sharing it with all the wild children on holiday too. Quick gym session before heading to the beach? Make sure you plan the wait you have to endure for each machine due to crowdedness.

Vacation rentals are entirely private, meaning anything that the property has to offer is yours to use for you and your family in privacy. Most vacation rentals don’t provide the same level of amenities as a hotel room. However, the privacy and comfort of being able to use all facilities to yourself is a major selling point for vacation rentals.

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Cut Costs

A few days of staying in a hotel can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Depending on where you are taking a vacation, a hotel room could be tiny shoeboxes with no room to converse, store luggage or spread your family out.

Hotels pricing can also massively increase depending on the size of your family, the age of your children and what season it is.

Typically, vacation rentals offer a lot more value for money as opposed to their hotel counterparts. They come with more room, kitchens, pools, spas, etc. that you can use whenever you want privately.
When booking your next trip take a look at the local vacation rentals vs. hotels. You will find that similarly, prices rooms will have nothing on a vacation rental regarding size, space, and amenities.

Traveling is a fantastic rush and brings us a lot of joy, but it can also lead to a lot of stress. When booking your next vacation take into consideration what type of stay you want to have, what best would suit your needs to unwind and relax. Some travelers prefer to be set up in a heavily staffed & populated hotel. For us, it’s living like a local with your friends and family, cutting costs and enjoying a spa that hasn’t had over two hundred people in it in the last eight hours.

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