Free Vacation Rental Checklist For Your Property: Pre-Arrival

Free Vacation Rental Checklist
Providing your clients with a one-of-a-kind vacation rental experience requires you to have robust, systematic processes in place. Paper checklists and excel sheets are not cutting it in 2019. Durk Johnson, the director of Vacation Rental Housekeeping and Founder of Housekeeping solutions, said it best; “Managers can provide an excellent pre-arrival experience, but if the guest checks into a property that is not properly cleaned, the managers are at risk to receive negative reviews.” 

Having an attractive property upon a guest’s arrival is the most effective way to start the customer journey and build your brand presence. Each scenario needs to have a planned process; back-to-back guests, VIP experiences, pre-arrival, post-arrival, standard departure, etc. 

Vacation rental managers who articulate and perform high-quality inspections customized for each property and scenario, record insightful operation data, maintenance issue monitoring, and set-up each property to reflect brand standards.

Being in the inspection game means our team overlooks hundreds of checklists a day. We also review equal amounts of inspection reports daily, which is why we think that our free vacation rental checklist will be a great asset to your short-term vacation rental properties

Free Vacation Rental Checklist: 


  • Set thermostat correctly depending on the season 
  • Open blinds and curtains
  • Leave check-in packet and make sure troubleshooting sheet is in property
  • Check smoke alarms – Are they beeping? 
  • Leave a welcoming porch light on 
  • Sweep and blow leaves off the deck – Must be done before 10 am
  • Spray air freshener through the property
  • Does the overall property look and feel clean? 
  • Are the washer & dryer empty? 

  Living Room, Porch, Deck 

  • Is the fireplace clean and working? (If applicable) 
  • Is furniture clean? Detail and stains or tears
  • Check under the couch pillows for any mess
  • Check for significant stains on the carpet 
  • Make sure cable TV is working on All TV’s equipped throughout the house and that appropriate remote controls are in each room. 
  • Make sure porch furniture is clean 
  • Is the internet connection working and solid?
  • Check both propane tanks are full 
  • Check all lightbulbs. Replace if they are out 
  • Check room against reference photos, make changes if needed


  • Is the hot water working? 
  • Garbage disposal working and has no smell
  • Refrigerator, Freezer and any ice makers working- check for dirt and crumbs in the drawers?
  • Coffee machine-cleaned with no leftover beans present?
  • Dishes, and cutlery all clean and stored?
  • Trash bags properly placed in cans? 
  • Cabinets under sink free of leaks? 
  • Replace any lightbulbs that are not working 
  • Check room against reference photos, make changes if needed


  • Is the HVAC System working? Does the filter need replacing? 
  • Check ceilings for any water spots
  • Check Bedding for any stains or tears 
  • Check nightstand drawers. Check the floor around the nightstand and headboard. 
  • Replace any light bulbs not working 
  • Change sheets, fit mattress with a fitted sheet
  • Place decorative pillows in front of the pillows already on the bed 
  • Check and clean under the bed 
  • Check room against reference photos, make changes if needed


  • Toilet flushing & operating correctly?
  • Cabinets under the sink free of leaks?
  • Check for hair around sinks, the base of the toilet and in drawers. 
  • Grout/Chalk looks good around tub or shower & shower liners free of mold?
  • Are there two hand towels and four wash towels?
  • Are there new toiletries? If not replace/ renew


  • Does the yard look clean, free of weeds and foliage look good?
  • Change any outdoor lightbulbs that are not working
  • Is patio furniture clean?
  • Screen-free of holes? 
  • Outdoor shower checked?
  • Does the house need pressure washed? 
  • Are the exterior windows clean? 

Additional Info

  • Tenants Signature and date 
  • Inspectors Signature and date 
  • Inspection time and date 
  • Video of entire asset walkthrough 

Do you want free vacation rental checklists?

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