How much does Property Inspection Software Save You?

property inspection software

New tools and technology solutions are enabling property inspectors to supercharge their business and maximize profit.

Formerly, most property management companies have failed to take advantage of technology and implement it into their business. As a result, agencies are falling behind their competition, coming second to new age technology solutions such as property inspection software.

The select few that have taken the plunge to turn their inspection process digital are reaping the rewards; they have improved performance and profitability and ultimately elevated their businesses reputation.

If you are still using pen and paper to conduct your inspections, fear not. Its human nature to resent change or cast a blind eye to a procedure you have been doing the same for years. Statistically speaking, Property managers don’t stop to evaluate the process unless something forces them to.

However, how good are digital property inspections? Is property inspection software worth it? At snapinspect, we think so, and here’s why:

property inspection software

The Savings Add Up

Reflect on how many property inspections your team does each week. A single property manager can be inspecting up to 5 properties a day. Times that by the number of property inspectors you have and the number of working days in the year, and you get a strong idea of how many inspections your team completes annually.

Property inspection software isn’t just about saving time on inspections and data entry. It’s aimed at improving the productivity of your team- they would much rather be out on the road getting things done than stressing over a mountain of paperwork.

No Specialized Tools – To use property inspection software you don’t need a fancy inspectors tool or specific hardware. Simply use any smartphone device such as apple or android and download SnapInspect from the app store. This minimizes the learning curve for your staff as they will already be aware of how to use their smartphone or device.
Cloud-Based – Property inspection software does not require you to make any changes to your current IT setup and software systems. Much like Gmail which is also a cloud-based service, you can access your snapinspect account with all your assets and inspections on it by logging in from anywhere with an internet connection.
Top level Technology Innovation – Snapinspect is independently regarded as the most innovative technology solution for property managers and inspectors alike. Our software offers one of a kind report customization as we use the latest technology and solutions to create a world-class user experience that your clients will love you for.
Maintenance and inspections – As a property manager, you know that some of the most significant costs come in the form of repairs. Track Inspections and maintenance work to ensure that you don’t miss anything and make costly mistakes with property inspection software.
Eliminate paper & Errors – Property inspection software reduces your paper waste and clutter to less that one percent. There isn’t a single property management firm out there that wouldn’t benefit from having property inspection software. The software also eliminates the room for errors, as you know some of the smallest mistakes can often be the most expensive. Let snapinspect do the hard part when it comes to data entry and analysis. There’s no chance of having skewed or incorrect data when you use property inspection software.

property inspection software

Get it done on the spot

When you use property inspection software with a smartphone device, you have everything you need to complete, upload and send your inspections on the spot. There’s no trip back to the office required, no time spent doing data entry or uploading photos, everything is done and formatted into a fully customizable report as soon as you finish your inspection.

At snapinspect, we acknowledge that every inspection is unique and requires a different approach than the next. When you set up property inspection software, you can create custom checklists and inspection templates that reflect your goals and properties. When it’s time to conduct the inspection, you simply move through the list accordingly, hit upload and you’re done!

The beauty about having the ability to complete inspections on the go means that your chance of having human errors reduces to almost zero. There’s no back-end paperwork to file, no photos to try and insert into your report, no formatting nightmares, no headaches! Everything is done in real time and gets formatted automatically thanks to our cutting-edge technology.

property inspection software

Stop Confusion

Property inspection software stores all your inspections and photos on their “cloud.” Cloud-based software allows you to pull information from say, pre-move-in inspections.

If a tenant is positive damage was already there before their move in, bring up the pre-move-in inspection and compare it against the current state of the house.

This aspect alone saves users hours of back and forth due to misunderstandings that can lead to tension between owners, tenants and property managers, which negatively affect business relationships.

Dealing with property maintenance and damage is one of the least desirable aspects of being a property manager. Usually, there is a disagreement about who is responsible for the damage. Property inspection software allows you to bring up details and information in an instant. Because the process of finding information is so fast and effective issues are resolved a lot more quickly.

Comparing before and after photos has become one of the fastest and most popular ways property managers can resolve an issue. You can also become aware of problems before they become uncontrollable. For example, a water stain that was not in the before photos could indicate a leaky ceiling and can be addressed before it escalates.

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