5 Online Reputation Tools For Property Managers

In today’s technology-rich world if you are not proactively protecting your online reputation, your business could be at risk. Given that property management is a customer service-driven industry it’s crucial to be on top of your online reputation.

When people want information on a product, service or business, they Google it. It’s because of this trend that you need to ensure your online reputation is reflective of your business. Here are 5 of the best online reputation management tools for property inspectors and managers. People want social proof that you are what you say you are.

Tool 1: Mention

mention online reputation

People are free to discuss your business anywhere they like online. Blogs, forums, social media, reviews, etc. To stay on top of this, we suggest getting a tool such as mention. Mention sends you notifications anytime your company is mentioned online. It’s also fully customizable so that you can manage which alerts you feel are the most beneficial for you and your business.

This is perfect for situations where you get a negative online review. You become aware of it as soon as its posted, from there you can respond and work to defuse the situation before it escalates. For us, mention is one of the most useful tools on the internet.

Pricing: Like most SaaS business’ Mention offers a free one-week trial, with Solo (1 user) plans to begin at $29/monthly


Tool 2: HootSuite

hootsuite online reputation

Managing all your social media accounts at once can be an overwhelming task. Not to mention how hard it is to stay up to date when you are posting on four different platforms. HootSuite aims to consolidate all your social accounts onto one dashboard.

HootSuite can schedule posts, post content, monitor relevant keywords, measure your social media performance and success rate, and allows you to track multiple social streams in one place. Numerous streams mean you can post to multiple channels at the same time, give real-time feedback and ultimately enables you to take control over your social media accounts.

Pricing: Hootsuite offers a 30-day trial period and has “professional” plans available which allow for ten social profiles and one user for $19/monthly


Tool 3: Google alerts

Google alert online reputation

Google alerts is a simple online monitoring tool that sends you alerts every time a keyword that you have selected is mentioned. This is particularly useful if you are trying to increase SEO efforts. Simply enter a range of different keywords you are looking to target and see which one gets the most results.

Google alerts use software that scans web pages, newspaper articles, blogs, and even scientific research articles to find your selected keywords.

Pricing: Free


Tool 4: Review Trackers

review trackers online reputation

Review Trackers is an online review management system that gives businesses a unified platform from which they can manage online reviews. They source every major review website such as Yelp, Google, Facebook, Glassdoor, OpenTable and many more. (50+)

Review trackers offer Hootsuite integration, customer feedback landing pages, daily scanning of reviews and email notifications.

Pricing: Review Trackers offer a free 14-day trial and have plans starting at $29/monthly for single location businesses.


Tool 5: SnapInspect 

snapinspect online reputation

SnapInspect is a property inspection software that digitizes the entire inspection process from start to finish. We aim to take away the age old pen and paper method and replace it with our mobile app.

Pricing: SnapInspect offers a 7 day free trial period. Plans start at as little as $49 per month. SnapInspect has proven results that show 75% decreases in time spent on property inspections SnapInspect produces an ROI that our competitors can’t compete with.

On average, SnapInspect customers save $10 for every $1 spent on SnapInspect.

Don’t believe us? We built an ROI Calculator to prove it.


Don’t let others decide your brand’s online reputation. Take control today and put your best foot forward with these five tools!

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