9 Reasons Why Professional Real Estate Photography Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade.

Professional real estate photography

Quality images tell a story for you. When you use a Professional Real Estate Photography company like Luxury estate images, they take pictures that maximize your listings aesthetic and appeal to the public. People are naturally drawn to images; it makes sense to make sure those photos are doing the most for your listings. It’s easy to compare an online rental listing to a car listing; you wouldn’t even look twice at a car listing that consisted of poor quality photos, so why should your future home be any different? Continue reading below to find out why enlisting the help of a professional photographer is a must-do in today’s competitive property industry.

Firstly, enlisting the help of a professional will ensure that your property is showcasing its maximum potential. Wide angle lenses, image remastering, and professional lighting all contribute to your space becoming more appealing than if the same image had been captured on a standard smartphone.

Professionalism Gains Trust. Before you can gain interest in your rental, you need an appealing image that sparks curiosity. Humans are attracted to aesthetically pleasing things. How can you expect to draw attention to your listing if you have dark, pixelated, blurry and ultimately unappealing photographs? Future tenants will associate poor qualities images with a lack of professionalism. You want your first impression of the rental to be a positive one; showcasing poor photos is a sure way to ruin any credibility you may have had before uploading the listing. Ensure that you use professional real estate photographs when uploading the listings to maximize the amount of online attention you get, but also to enhance your brand. When you use professional pictures, you are solidifying your marketing and showing potential tenants you mean business.

Professional real estate photography

Make your rental listings distinct and stand out from the crowd. Most landlords assume that using a smartphone for photography will suffice; this is not the case. Professional, bright, crisp, high-resolution photos are guaranteed to have a 65% better chance of finding tenants than those that are taken via smartphone camera. This is particularly important in today’s digital world as most people seeking a rental property search through mobile. Having a listing that stands out from the crowd and sends a statement about not only the property will spark curiosity in viewers and ultimately lead to you securing a lease. Clear photographs attract not only more viewers on your listings but also a higher caliber of tenants, who are willing to pay more for their contract.

As stated above good photos attract respectable tenants, listings with professional photography tend to be occupied quicker and for more rental value. All of this results in minimal vacancy time and maximum return. Landing good tenants is crucial when operating as a property manager. When you advertise with professional photography, it places your listing above the competition, entices tenants to trust you and ultimately means your life as a property manager will become easier as your tenants will work in harmony with your services.

Assuming there are no drastic changes to your property, you can use the same set of professional photographs each time you release the premises. This median makes professional photography a one-off investment that you can use again and again. This is highly beneficial as trying to attract new tenants and showcase the property to its full potential when existing ones are already living there can become an extra task that wastes time and money. Remember, a substantial amount of real estate business comes from referrals. Market your listings in a way that it gives potential clients something to talk to their friends and family about. The more attention your listings get, the more your business will profit.

Professional real estate photography

Professional real estate photography relieves you of a lot of stress when they take on your job. From directing the photo shoots to retouching images, they do the entire process themselves. Giving you more time to focus your efforts on other tasks, like finding new tenants. It’s important to remember that when enlisting the help of professional photographers, they cannot read minds. If you have a vision for how you want the photos to look, let them know exactly what you are thinking and communicate your ideas thoroughly. This will ensure that you do not have to re-do photos and make your initial cost of hiring the photographer a one-off investment.

Professional real estate photography enables you to ask for a higher price.
As a marketing strategy, it is always a good idea to start slightly higher than market rent and then if necessary reduce back. Professional photos will help to achieve a better price. A twenty-dollar premium per week will earn you around $100 extra per year. From a return on investment point of view, why wouldn’t you get professional photos to help achieve this?

Draw on people’s emotions with excellent photography. Its guaranteed to be worth it. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and it can also speak thousands of dollars if you do it right. Humans act heavily on emotions. If you can make the viewer feel something when viewing the image, they will make a conscious or subconscious association between the image and their mental bank of visual memories, emotions, and feelings. This ultimately means that before they view your listing in person, they will have made a positive connection with the property and become more inclined to sign a lease.

Professional real estate photography

Lifestyle photography sells leases. Lifestyle photography is photography that captures the real essence of what it would be like to live in the property. Drawing on people’s emotions, professional photographers will stage photos to help future tenants imagine what it would be like to occupy the space. Things like coffee cups on decks allow people to imagine waking up in the morning, going outside on the deck and enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee. This type of photography is so crucial when looking for new tenants as it draws heavily on peoples emotions while creating a desire to rent the property. Professional photography is especially powerful when taken in conjunction with using property inspection software, the two combined make for the ultimate professional brand reflection, thus improving your business.

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