Six Top Subreddits That Help With Content Marketing

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What do you think of when you think of Reddit? Is it the content marketing discussion board’s reputation for toxicity? The memes? The marketing subreddits? Or are you wondering what on earth ‘Reddit’ is?

If you are willing to put in a little work, Reddit is jam-packed with insight amid discussions about digital communications and content marketing. The site, after all, has billed itself as “the front page of the internet” for more than a decade. As the landscape of branded content expands and becomes more complicated, it stands to reason that Reddit might want to get involved.

SnapInspect accredits Reddit to providing us with alternative marketing methods. Think of Reddit like spending a long day op-shopping. Sometimes you have to sift through mountains of low-quality items to unearth that diamond in the ruck. Reddit is the same. To make your life, easier SnapInspect has compiled a list of our favorite subreddits that inspire, motivate, and showcase how you can become a better marketer.


This is one of the most popular marketing subreddit’s today, with over 192,000 people subscribed, rather than getting in petty debates, arguments or squabbling. Loyal subscribers share resources, learning material, and engage in intelligent conversations based around marketing. For example, the groups most popular post is: Become Google Analytics Certified in 2 Days, I have created the ultimate Guide with ALL questions, Answers, and Links. Sharing professional resources is what r/Marketing is all about. Filter the top posts, and you will see a page full of round-up posts, lists with links, and a variety of different resources that can help you grow as a marketer.


New to marketing beginners should be at home in this subreddit. Think of r/askmarketing as your one-stop crash course for basic marketing strategies. More experienced marketers can use this subreddit to refresh their skills or see how many questions you can answer. Can you answer a question about chat-bots in 2019? Or how about a matter relating to voice search optimization keyword targeting?

When you engage with r/askmarketing, it reminds you of the latest marketing trends, do’s and don’ts and crucial emerging information. Such as the most popular post from last month; Did you know that you can track the activity of any link shortened using


If your job is focused solely on content marketing, then this is the place for you. Think of r/content_marketing as the lunchroom for all ‘content’ specific job roles.

With so many like-minded individuals in one space online it’s no wonder that top posts feature titles such as; “As a digital marketing head, what are the items on your checklist when you start a new project/job?”. Or, “After publishing some 750,000 words online, I finally took the time to document the blog writing process”.

The subreddit is full of professionals who live and breathe content marketing. The best part about it all? Everyone on this subreddit already gets content marketing- to some extent. This means there are fewer skeptics, pointless commenters and general internet trolls than other subreddits on this list.


This subreddit is great for research. It allows content marketers to learn about how the mass population of the internet wants to spend time online. People who engage with the subreddits discussion share online content, whether it’s about the design, tone, animation, photography, wording, etc. that has positively caught their eye.

For example, one of the most popular posts in recent times is “See how accurate movies “based on a true story” are, scene by scene.” This highlights humans naturally high curiosity levels. A smart content marketer would see this information and align it with their niche. If you were a content marketer working within the automotive industry you could potentially spark ideas of this post containing the following: “Behind the scenes of every new car purchase” or “How much does getting a PR agency actually help your business?”


Read this subreddit with a grain of salt. Among all the 20,000 users posting regularly, there are some fantastic posts that you can learn a lot from. For example, this post; “I recently interviewed Instagram influencers on how they would grow their following from 0 to 10k if they only had 30 days. Here are the best tips you can apply right away to Instagram marketing. You may have to crawl through a fair amount of BS to find gold; however, it’s worth it for the quality of some of the posts within the subreddit.


Search engine optimization is always changing. Seasoned professionals know that to be an effect SEO marketer, you need to be adapting to new algorithms, techniques, and trends constantly. Because of this, the r/SEO subreddit is the perfect watering hole for people working within the SEO space.

With 103,000 members, it’s no surprise that this subreddit has professional advice, questions, hiring processes, new trends, and upcoming trend predictions. Although there are a lot of users on this subreddit, it is not as active as it’s counterparts listed.

r/SEO is great for checking up on the current state of SEO in the marketing world. Occasionally a user will post a blog, forum, or another type of resource you have not come across before.
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