6 Airbnb Host Tools That Supercharge Cash-flow

Over 3 million people globally are using Airbnb to rent to rent their property online. These people have figured out that they can make a significant profit using the website in conjunction with their empty space.

Innovative users are now also implementing Airbnb host tools in their day to day operations to accelerate their hosting practices.

Regardless of if you’ve been hosting Airbnb for a while and you’re ready to step up your game, or you’re just getting started. Seeking ways to maximize your business potential is the right first step.

Keep reading to learn about the most effective Airbnb tools and how you can start using them today!

Airbnb Host tools

Airbnb Host Tools: Airbnb app

The Airbnb app, although it seems like a no-brainer isn’t used by hosts collectively. Every host needs to have the Airbnb mobile app installed on their device.

For your listing to rank highly in Airbnb’s search algorithm, you need to reply within one hour. Obviously, for most hosts, this is an unrealistic standard to adhere to.

Being connected via Airbnb app as a host while you are on the go means you can reply to guests, manage bookings, check your calendar, respond to potential guest inquiries and overall stay on top of your listing, all from your Smartphone or device. 


Airbnb Host Tools: August Smart Lock

August turns your smartphone into a smart key. It’s a smart lock that unlocks itself as you approach your door and locks itself again once you are inside. The August Smart Lock easily attaches to the inside of your existing deadbolt, so everyone can still use their keys.

Once a reservation is made on an Airbnb listing that is integrated with August, an automatically generated custom entry code is sent to your guests. You also are given the freedom to set the expiry date of the code to reflect the length of your guests stay.

Anything that simplifies the key-handover and check-in process for an Airbnb listing is going to enhance your guests stay. With August you can offer flexible check-in times, which for most travelers is hugely valuable and could be the deciding factor when booking in with your property.

Airbnb Host tools

Airbnb Host Tools: Nest Labs

Nest Labs is a company that curates smart home products and accessories. The most innovative product to be announced by Nest labs is the Nest Thermostat. The thermostat programs itself to set the most optimal temperature, saving power for hosts by up to 20% each month!

Nest labs enable you to gain the competitive edge against your competitors. Guests won’t arrive at a freezing home anymore. You can control the temperature of your home from your smartphone or tablet, ensuring you can give a warm welcome, every time.

This tool also provides value for hosts who are frequent travelers or are away often and not able to monitor specific variables like property temperature. Nest allows you to be able to control your property from anywhere around the world.

Airbnb Host tools

Airbnb Host Tools: Properly

Properly is a changeover management app (housecleaning, key delivery & maintenance) designed with Airbnb hosts in mind. You can book on demand house cleaning services for your property from anywhere in the world, the best part? Call out time in within two hours.

This reduces the time your property is unavailable considerably, granting you with more opportunity to secure guests and make more money.

Properly also allows you to share visual checklists with your cleaners which sets a clear standard of what you want the cleaners to attend to.

Airbnb Host tools

Airbnb Host Tools: Netflix

Netflix is cheap ($10.99 a month). Netflix is an affordable solution for Airbnb hosts that want to offer extra services to their guests without having to front a big cable bill. Like most of our list, you can use this tool from anywhere in the world given that you have internet access.

Take advantage of the Netflix monthly subscription business model and give it a trial. If you find more guests are booking on when you have Netflix advertised, then it will be clear that it is adding value for your guests.

As most hosts reading this have already found out, Airbnb has a very harsh learning curve. You must invest a lot of your time and money to educate yourself on what it takes to become a profitable host.

Airbnb Host tools

Airbnb Host Tools: SnapInspect

If you could spend 30 minutes doing an inspection that usually takes three hours to complete, would you? Of course you would!

Snapinspect is an Airbnb host tool that is proven to save you up to 75% of your inspection time by making the entire inspecting process digital. Conduct and manage pre-arrival, cleaning and maintenance inspections. Gain real-time insight to aid in finding compliance issues and minimize your host liability.

With Snapinspect’s data retention you can automatically group maintenance issues together to calculate costs. SnapInspect is an Airbnb host tool that eliminates tedious back-office work and brings your entire Airbnb inspection process online and digital

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